"La Via dell'Essenza" is a project aiming to create a coastal trail on Elba Island. 130 kilometres of trails divided into 12 sections intended to show Elba and its unique essence to the whole world.

Acqua dell'Elba supports this project with the aim of enhancing the natural beauty of the Island. Furthermore, the project seeks to promote access for residents and tourists, while fully respecting nature, as well as for those who cannot visit Elba in person, thanks to digital technologies.

The coastal trail is open to hikers and amateurs, families, children and school groups. The variety and richness of the trails make it possible to attract hiking tourism all year round and also to enrich the experiences available to summer tourists.

Acqua dell'Elba's support to this project includes the routine maintenance of the selected paths, the restoration of the walking surface, the vegetation upkeep alongside the trails, as well as the identification and enhancement of historical and naturalistic highlights. For this reason, the "La Via dell'Essenza" project reflects the deepest values of Acqua dell'Elba: a commitment based on the belief that improving the life of every human being requires careful care and protection of the environmental heritage.

Here are the 12 legs of the trail

"La Via della Lavanda" The January trail. Mortigliano - Cavoli
Length: 15.8 km; Maximum altitude: 583 m; Uphill gradient: 1,140 m; Downhill gradient: 1,272 m.

"La Via dei Rosmarini" The February trail. Colle Palombaia - Fonza
Length: 9.75 km; Maximum altitude: 157 m.

"La Via dei Ginepri" The march trail. Fonza - Lacona
Length: 7.30 km; Maximum altitude: 162 m.

"La Via delle Ginestre" The April trail. Lacona - Porto Azzurro
Length: 9.86 km; Maximum altitude: 70 m.

"La Via dei Cisti" The May trail. Porto Azzurro - Rio Marina
Length: 13.4 km; Maximum altitude: 212 m.

"La Via dei Corbezzoli" The June trail. Rio Marina - Cavo
Length: 13.6 km; Maximum altitude: 204 m.

"La Via dell'Elicriso The July trail. Cavo - Bagnaia
Length: 18.5 km; Maximum altitude: 323 m.

"La Via delle Tamerici" The August trail. Bagnaia - San Giovanni
Length: 6.58 km; Maximum altitude: 54 m.

"La Via dei Lecci" The September trail. Enfola - Procchio
Length: 9.33 km; Maximum altitude: 78 m.

"La Via del Mirto" the October trail. Procchio - Marciana Marina
Length: 9.6 km; Maximum altitude: 236 m.

"La Via dei Lentischi" The November trail. Marciana Marina - S.Andrea
Length: 6.68 km; Maximum altitude: 197 m.

"La Via dell'Erica" The December trail. S.Andrea - Mortigliano
Length: 7.12 km; Maximum altitude: 142 m.