Domus Mellifere

Domus Mellifere

In parallel with the launch of the "Natural beekeeping with top bar beehives" project, the "Domus Mellifera" project was launched in December 2021 and involved the placement of 10 artificial nests for wild swarms of honey bees.

The 10 "Domus Mellifera", sent to the island of Elba in May 2022 in kits, were assembled and coloured with the official Acqua dell'Elba pantone shade by December 2022 at NatLab in Portoferraio by Davide Fabbri and Monica Collu.

During autumn 2022 and spring 2023, following discussions with Elba naturalists, representatives of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago Authority and other Elban farmers and beekeepers, the installation sites of nine "Domus Mellifera" were chosen. These sites are located on:

  • The Sentiero della Madonna del Monte footpath (Marciana), where five Domus mellifera were erected on 9 May 2023;
  • A footpath in Marciana Marina, along Via dei Lentischi (Marciana Marina / Sant'Andrea), where two Domus Mellifera were installed on 22 June 2023;
  • Via dei Rosmarini (Colle Palombaia / Fonza), where one Domus Mellifera was installed;
  • Via dell'Erica (Sant'Andrea / Mortignano), where one Domus Mellifera was installed.

As of today, one Domus Mellifera is still to be installed. This will be done by March 2024 as soon as the ideal area has been jointly identified.